Mobile Pintadita

Mobile Pintadita is part of the “Pintadita a tu Salud” project and arises from the need to reach a greater number of women, to communicate the importance of prevention in any disease, and in this case, in breast cancer.

When there is an invitation from different organizations, such as support groups, hospitals, companies or even a group of friends, the Mobile Pintadita team goes to the right place with all the necessary material.

Initially, the participants are given a brief explanation of what the Pintadita a tu Salud project is and where the body paint comes from. Subsequently, the topic of breast cancer is addressed and given tips and suggestions to take care of and prevent this disease.

Finally, participants are invited to paint a box with their breasts and take it home. The purpose of this is to keep the chart as a reminder that you have to perform a periodic examination, in addition to having a mammogram. Colaborate with us. If you are interested in participating, contact us by filling out this form or sending an email to

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